‘untitled’ – Poem

I’m really not sure how to construct poems (prob clear from the last few!!) or to find references or inspiration for them as have I virtually no experience of this. In terms of exposure, there are songs and stories everywhere, but it’s a very different thing hearing songs to composing poetry!

2 pounds up but 2 pounds down,

let’s get funky & ride through the rhythm!

music as art to increase the feeling,

put down the hate & improve the fundamentals…

Maybe a way to work is to put together pieces of poems or verses and join them together? The lines above just came to me but there isn’t a single theme. It started out as a comment on our financial situation then went back to music as a powerful tool.

The style i’m most comfortable with is the type of thing used by The Streets and Mike Skinner. So, a kind of fluent but fluctuating sequence of ideas, not always with a continuous or seamless theme.


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