Busy day…

We got lots done today as Claire’s parents (over from France for a couple of days) were able to take both kids out to town for a good 4 hours. We were meant to be getting on with the bathroom, but after setting up the sink and tap, we realised that the ‘free’ tap which we had got with the sink, wasn’t going to be very practical. It’s a nice tap but it only reaches into the sink a small way, meaning washing hands under it would be tricky.

So, we researched and ordered another bathroom sink tap, which reaches further into the sink. While on a roll, we loaded up the car with stuff from the house and garden.

First stop was the charity shop to get rid of childrens books and toys, then to Big Yellow, to put our old high chair into the Little Bundles storage unit. I was really impressed with how much stuff Claire and her team have collected over the months.

Then to the Dump to recycle loads of card boxes and general garden stuff. During the day we also managed to get 3 loads of washing washed and dried, all out on the clothes line. I’m loving the good weather and the seedlings are all coming up well + new growth on the heavily pruned apple trees and Elder.

Finally, Claire and I drove to a nearby hill and collected lots of fire wood. We loaded the Maclaren buggy with two loads of pretty good sized wood, then got back to the house and chopped it up (with Claire’s dad’s help). There’s still a huge amount of fallen wood there so we’ll go back there tomorrow for some more!

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