Sink jigsaw puzzle…!

Ok, we’ve finally roused ourselves from the DYI slumber of recent months!

There has officially been bathroom sink progress. Waiting for our plumber to get around to it wasn’t working, so we’ve taken matters into our own hands! To be fair to our plumber, it was looking like a real pain in the arse sort of job and quite fiddly.

So, after a fairly uneventful trip to the DYI shop of dreams, Claire had managed to get a collection of useful looking parts together (I was watching Jamie, and Jac was mercifully asleep in his buggy).

Claire got cracking on the job and I helped with the sawing through the worktop to make the holes for the waste and tap feed. The table turns out to be essentially hollow, but each piece of Oak top and bottom are fairly thick, @15mm, so it seems quite sturdy.

The main issue here is the thickness of the table and the length of the tap shaft. The table is too thick and the tap shaft isn’t long enough. These things seem to be designed to fix into a fairly thin worktop type material (maybe up to 50mm thick). As we didn’t want a standard sink unit design, this turns out to be a problem. I’ve checked online and no-one produces taps with longer shafts (which extend further below the surface level of the worktop).

We cut out the top waste hole and found out about the thickness of the table and also where any internal supports were – thankfully not where we wanted to cut or drill. The smell of the the cut Oak was also amazing and so strong.

Claire had to make a mad dash to B&Q at 3:40 (20 mins before the shop shut) to get another connector for the waste as we were having trouble joining it all up as nothing seemed to fit properly. She came back with  a whole bunch of wastes and attachments.

Once she had connected that up, the rest was fairly straightforward. There was a problem with part of the copper pipe which fits into the base of the tap being bent. This meant that there wasn’t a very tight connection to the flexible pipe, but she got it in the end.

We also had to cut out a bigger hole for the bottom of the waste as the pipe wasn’t quite small enough for the smaller hole, but once that’s sanded and oiled, it’ll look good. We only had a 10cm cutter and a 3.2cm one, and only a diamond edged tile cutter which was between these sizes. We had to use loads of drill holes then knock the piece out as the hole cutter was just skipping over the surface. We’re also going to fix a cloth cover to hide the pipes.

After testing it a few times, and stopping a few small leaks and tightening the tap onto the table, it was done! I have to say Claire did a brilliant job plumbing it in. We also saved the cost of the plumber doing it.

The last thing was to fit the toilet roll holder – Claire was excited about this, maybe more than the sink! Total cost of doing it ourselves was £25.44 for parts and £38.44 for drill bits which we’ll use again.



2 thoughts on “Sink jigsaw puzzle…!

  1. Plumbers Rus…….here we come!!
    Well done looks like you done a great job, cann’t wait to clean my teeth in it!!!
    Dad xx

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