Pipe leak & repair…!

A hissing – water leak somewhere – type of sound, started about a week ago…

We’d had a look around in all the obvious places but couldn’t narrow it down. Claire phoned the COOP insurance emergency leak people to come and have a look, but the guy who came out also couldn’t find it! We even took up a floorboard in the living room.

After a few calls back to the insurance people, they said just get a plumber to do a leak detection test, then either get him to fix it or get them back in. We got the plumber in who located the leak pretty quick then capped the pipe. It was a leaking plastic joint in the corner of the kitchen, just before the pipe went under the concrete floor. We were going to get him to do the re-routing of the pipe into the utility area and into the bathroom, but it was going to be £200, which we didn’t have!

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So, we called Claire’s Dad (International Plumbing Rescue) who came down the today to help re-route the pipe from the kitchen to the bathroom, via the utility area. We sussed it all out, I cleared out everything I could from the various rooms (coats etc, pulled out the dishwasher, pulled out the washing machine into kitchen, cleared bathroom).

We got everything down in a list and set out, with our helper Jamie in tow, to Screwfix for supplies. It was £60 roughly for everything we needed, including a new 450mm drill bit for getting through the main end wall into the utility area.

All went well and I managed to get the bath out before I had to leggit down to the sports centre to play badminton! Claire put the bath and shower on Freecycle and a woman from a dog’s home got it! I got back and it was all pretty much connected up!

The best thing about this enforced spending and work is that the ‘music room’ is now one step closer! With the bath out, there’s loads of space for the record decks unit. I just have to tidy up some pipes, paint the room then put carpets on the walls to muffle the sounds. Have to finish the upstairs bathroom first though!



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