Amazon Kindle…

I was getting quite excited about the new Amazon Kindle…until I realised I didn’t need one!

But, the idea is a good one. The Kindle is basically an e-book (but it also displays newpapers and magazines), but it also has internet browser and MP3 player and is small enough to fit in the pocket. The Amazon digital library apparently has over 400,000 titles and the Kindle can hold 3,500 books!

There have been many of these types of ipad/PDA devices, but i’ve never been tempted to jump on board, until now! E-book + MP3 player + Internet browser…ideal.

I’ve read a few articles recently about the impact of the printing industry, particularly newspapers and magazines, in terms of the waste and chemicals used to make them. That in itself is a good reason, and if prices come down in 6 months or so, even better.

I’m also not a fan of huge amounts of books – bad reaction to my growing up with thousands of my Mum’s books which are left to die in piles + just the waste of space! I’ve shifted so many boxes of books around in my life and that has certainly led to an annoyance with their bulkiness & weight and amount of space they take to store!

It seems the technology has just made the ‘next stage’ leap from the basic concept and initial stage, to the more mass-market stage, including much better performance. This is also reflected in the price, meaning you get far better value for better overall features.



2 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle…

  1. Hey matt
    Iv had my iPad for over a week now and have been reading a couple of books off it. There is no way the kennel will beat an iPad, it’s changed the way I read books, store books, browse the Internet, use iWork, calander and email.
    However any ebook reader is good because I like to read in a coffee shop but don’t like carrying books in a bag so to have all my books on a small slip thing is so much better, plus the added bonus of the Internet newspapers, website etc

    • G’day dude! Yeah, the concept of less bulky books is awesome and the other things you can do with it, but just not convinced about the weight of the ipad or its larger size??

      Anyway, they’re both aimed at different markets – the Kindle seems to be more focussed on being an e-book + can just go in the pocket but obviously the ipad’s bigger screen is easier to read + has greater range of functions (but costs a lot more). Sooner or later everyone will have something like the Kindle/ipad anyway.

      It’s all by the by as i’m not in the market for one (yet) – I might convince myself sooner rather than later though! ; )

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