Book club catchup…

Since I finished Imperial Life in the Emerald City maybe 4 months ago, i’ve just been working through the cornerstones of western civilisation’s literary classics… Well, as you can see from the list, the term ‘light reading’ is probably a better description!

High Society – Ben Elton

Congo – Michael Crichton

The Andromeda Strain – Michael Crichton

Digital Fortress – Dan brown

Iain M. Banks – The State of the Art

Kim Stanley Robinson – Icehenge

Pamela Stephenson – Billy

I’ve found that I only get a chance to read anything last thing at night before bed, which means i’m generally tired and not in the mood for digesting anything remotely complicated or challenging.

I started The China Study (Dr. T. Colin Campbell) ages ago and have only just picked it up again. I’m really glad I have, given it is a seriously important book for anyone interested in their health, or the health of their families. The study is the biggest and most comprehensive study of nutrition ever carried out and the results are quite incredible.

When I finish reading it, i’ll post a proper review.



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