Tinkerbell is on her way…!

Ok, it’s official, we’ve finally caved in and reserved a cat! She’s called Tinkerbell (she already had the name +i’m already calling her ‘Tinker’) and is very cute, with a very white underside and front, and a very tortoise/tabby head and back/tail (see the rubbish picture I took of her below, through the bars).

We just went over to a friends house yesterday –  they have just got 2 very cute little kittens and I think this was the final push we needed, plus the fact that our plans for a spanky new extension are on hold for a while (and therefore there won’t be loads of building work going on)!

She’s a rescue cat from the Teckels Animal Sanctuary, which is right by our favourite camping shop on the A38 on the way to Bristol. Her owners abandoned her when they found out she was pregnant and since then, she’s had a litter of kittens all of which have been re-homed. She’s also already been spayed quite recently and still has the stitches with the shaved area!

She’s a year old, so still young and seems very calm with the boys. I was quite impressed with the shelter and the conditions and they all had their own cublicle things which were a good size + lots of toys in there!

Jamie picked her out and was really upset when we had to leave! They’re going to send someone around to our house to check it out, then after we get back from camping on the Bank Holiday weekend, we’ll go and pick it up!

We also just went to Pets At Home on the way back and got a few things – food bowl, brush, eco wood pellet litter, collar, poo scoop & treats! We’re going to do some basic food research before we buy anything, as the choice was huge.

More pics when she arrives!



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