Letting the cat out…?

When to let Tinker out into the garden?

Well, there are some pretty varied and extreme responses on the various forums. This ranges from never(!!) to a few days! Interesting, but slightly scary response below from someone based on the question how long should you keep your cat indoors when you first get them?…

‘FOREVER! Outdoor cats die early, contract diseases like FLv, risk traffic, risk other cat and dog attacks and if not spayed or neutered, cause the overpopulation of animals who are killed by euthanasia. Cats don’t mind the indoor life- I have many of them who get along just fine. Please, no outside. It’s just too risky.’

Ok, I realise some people have little choice but to keep their cat indoors (like my Sister who lives in a block of flats in London, or maybe next to a particularly busy road etc) but keeping the cat indoors their whole life, out of choice, seems a bit strange. Would you want to spend your whole life indoors? I’m quite into the whole ‘free-range’ idea for chickens and I just can’t accept the opposite for a cat, it just doesn’t seem right, but as the comment suggests, it probably is safer if you keep it in the whole time, but there’s a lot less range of life experiences if you did.

She’s also been sitting by the window staring out and also sitting by the back door and taking a keen interest when anyone goes near it! I think maybe 1 week and then we’ll see if we think she’s ready to get out. We’ve also got to renew the existing insurance which she came with, just in case she does have a ‘negative life experience’ along the line. : ) The £350 vet bill (for his cats) which my colleague told me about was a bit of an eye opener!



2 thoughts on “Letting the cat out…?

  1. Oh blimey! We’re having this same discussion!

    It seems a bit daft, though – what’s the point of life if you can’t live it? Cats are meant to be outdoors – I expect they’d choose the risk of getting hurt over staying inside all the time.

    Anyway, we have no choice for a while as it is – I’m not letting Tilly out until she’s neutered. We do not want kittens!

    • yes, agree! Also getting the cat neutered is a wise move, but when I was growing up, our cat had many litters and her kittens were really really cute! We only ever had a problem giving away 1 of her kittens (which we kept) and the experience was amazing for us kids. But, the bigger picture is just more and more animals which people might not want to look after etc. I’m glad our Tinker has already been neutered! : )

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