Tinklebell arrives…!

This is Tinker’s 1st birthday… She’s apparently a year old and as this is her first day with us, this can be her birthday!

The whole name thing is an ever-changing feast, with Jamie calling her Tinklebell and moi calling her Tinker. Claire’s mostly just called her puss! Jac has tried Tiiink!

Me and the boys drove out to the rescue centre after lunch, ready with the cat carrier. Jamie held it all the way ready for the event! Both the boys were really excited but they had to wait a while as there were a few forms to fill and and sign. They kept running over to the squeaky dog toys and laughing.

Tinker seemed quite calm on the way home and Jamie did a good job pointing out things like trees and cars to keep her calm. After we got her in the house, the boys were understandably quite excited and spent the next 4 hours running around after her! They were pretty good with her but I did have to have a few serious words with the boys, particularly when Jac was trying to crawl into her enclosed litter tray! He also tried to get his trike in there.

So, now all is calm and the boys are asleep, Claire is playing with her with a cotton reel and string, which she;s loving. She also seems a lot calmer and has already established a little route around the living room, via the sofa and bay window cill.

Lots of fun to be had tomorrow.



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