OAP cat…

Ok, the cat (Tinks, AKA Tinker or Tinkerbell), has been to the vets twice in the last two days – another £100 but we’ve come out with loads of drugs for her and hopefully she’ll be back to health soon!?

I’m not convinced about over-medication for people and also not for animals. We’ve even now got a feline facial pheromone air disperser thing, which releases artificial cat scent to reduce her stress levels! Bloody hell.

But, when Claire took her to the vets today, she was diagnosed with cystitis again, probably stress-induced. So, it’s back on the meds, but hopefully she’ll be able to get out of the house this weekend, which will reduce her stress levels a bit.

So, there’s also the worm and parasites treatment and a steroid shot + the last inoculation.



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