New windows…

We’ve just had 2 new windows fitted in the back bedroom and bathroom. the old ones were roughly 10 years old and were on course to fail in the next year or so. There was a lot of condensation on the inside in the mornings and the room were quite cold.

Anyway, the first test was to see if there was condensation on them in the morning – nothing there!

The large bathroom window has a higher glazing bar with a small opening at the top, giving a large and unobstructed view over the back gardens. Really weird effect, given that usually windows have the central glazing bar. Really happy with it and it’s also resulting in far less condensation, even directly after showers.

The guys from Safestyle UK kept asking us if we wanted it frosted but we didn’t. There’s a really good view from there and it really helps to open up the internal space. We’ve got a blind which we use when it’s darker etc so no chance of anyone with a telescope having a sneaky look!

The windows are part of the grand plan for making the house more energy efficient and should help to keep the temperature more even.



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