Jamie’s 4th birthday…

Jamie is now 4 and we’ve survived the bumper weekend of birthday/family fun!

So, we had Claire’s parents with us on his birthday (29th) and Claire made an amazing birthday cake for him! 6 layers of sponge, with a green butter icing in the middle and a thin jam layer between each layer. Everyone thought it was awesome and Jamie loved it.

We had already been to Thomas Land at Drayton Manner Park so there was no kids party, just family for the weekend. My Mum and sister + partner came down from London on the Saturday and we went to the cathedral to check out the Crucible exhibition. We then went to the park and had lots of fun there.

So, Jamie got some cool presents, including the Disney/Pixar Cars DVD, which he’s been watching on Utube in 10 minute sections + a Mac trailer (which is from the film). He’s been waiting for that for ages! My Mum got him a big box of Lego and he’s got into that a lot recently. My sister and Edward got him a board game and a cool metal boat, which runs on wax and heat and propels itself through the water! He had a watch from Claire’s parents as well which he loves wearing. It’s got a green light which he likes to use in the dark.

So, it was a long but fun weekend and Jamie loved having his family around him + all the new toys!



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