It keeps getting hotter and hotter…

Well, I thought a slightly ironic tale of heat amongst the cold would be interesting. 2010 is either the hottest year on record or the second hottest.

People may be thinking ‘don’t be ridiculous, this could be the coldest December on record!‘ Both are true.

This is because if overall global temperatures are taken into account, this is probably the hottest year since records began, even if here in the Uk we’re experiencing some of the coldest weather a lot of people can remember.

The UK covers roughly 1% of the world’s surface and so even if are temperatures went down to -50 degrees C, our figures would still only be a very small part of the overall average, generated by temperature measurements from all over the planet.

I think some people have trouble with the idea that our tiny island is anything other than powerful, important and influential. Well, in terms of our local weather, it really is only a very tiny part of the whole picture. I’ve heard people say things like ‘I don’t know what all this global warming stuff is – we’ve had a few really cold winters in a row.’

People are highly connected to their surroundings and are heavily influenced by them. As our planet becomes more and more globalised, and information becomes more freely available, this should shift people’s perceptions more quickly.

Let’s see how many more record years we have to have before more people wake up from their ignorant dreams.


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