Book club…

I haven’t updated the old book club for a while so here it is…

I finished Alex Ferguson’s Autobiography a while ago and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in football or post-war British history.

As a Liverpool fan, I wasn’t sure about even reading it(!) but I read Jamie Carragher’s autobiography last year and he said it was the best book he’s ever read, so that was enough of a reason for me. Sir Alex is basically the most successful football manager of all time (again, that pains me to say it!), and i’m very glad to have read the book. There is so much in there about his past experiences in Scotland and how those experiences have formed the present day club that is Man United.

For anyone interested in history, there is a lot in there about British industry, particularly about the docklands area of Glasgow, around Govan. He paints a detailed portrait of life in general in Glasgow which was amazing to read. He also goes into a lot of detail on particular games and he seems to have an amazing memory.

I’ve also just finished Brunelleschis Dome, by Ross King. It’s the story of the building of one of the great structures, the dome of which is the largest masonary dome ever erected – Santa Maria del Fiore, in Florence. Certainly on my list of European cities to visit with the family. Again, a book not just about the main subject, but about history and civilisation. Well worth a read and an inspiring book.

Also in exciting Christmas-based book news, my generous Mum gave me a Amazon Kindle, which i’ve already downloaded a number of digital books for. It’s amazing! So far i’ve downloaded Darwin’s Origin of Species, Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Dante’s Inferno – all for free! There’s an amazing ‘top 100 free’ books section on the Kindle store with a huge range of classics. More on all that soon.



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