Digital Dracula…

I finished my 1st digital book a couple of weeks ago – Bram Stoker’s Dracula! I’ve previously seen the 1992 film directed by Francis Ford Coppola, but had missed the book.

So, given the massive selection of free Kindle e-books, all of which are out of copyright, i’ve started to work through them. Dracula was written in 1897 so the pace and language of the book is somewhat different to modern styles, but I found this quite refreshing. It was slightly long-winded in parts but there was definitely an underlying tension or feeling of suspense, which made me want to read it every night. I can imagine when it was first published, it would have been quite shocking.

The interesting approach was to tell the story from the actual diary or journal entries of the characters, meaning each section had a different style and perspective. Very well thought through. I would rate it as 8 out of 10 and rightly one of the classic books.

My next trip into the free book store is Robinson Crusoe (1719), so i’ll review that once i’ve got through the final 70% of the book.


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