Jac’s 2nd birthday…!

Jac is now 2 years old!

He had a great birthday and we had various family come around for the day.

There were a few incidents between Jac and Jamie, relating to a Duplo Lego digger which his Grandma gave him, but hey who am I trying to kid, i’m 31 and I like the look of it! The following day things had settled down a lot but Jamie got very hot and bothered over it. Jac seemed far less bothered, but it’s the first Jac birthday where he’s been given presents which Jamie is also into. Unlike at Christmas where they both get presents, this was all about Jac. It’s also unfortunate timing as Jamie had been really getting into Duplo and Lego for the few weeks before the day!

Anyway, it was a good day and i’m glad things can now settle down a bit!



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