Pink hallway…!

Ok, yes, it is as crazy as it sounds!

Claire has been wanting to paint the hallway and kitchen more exciting colours for a while and we’ve sort of decided to go for it. We bought a strong red paint for the kitchen a year ago but haven’t got around to painting it yet, but will once the render work is done and the last few bits are finished in the bathroom.

So, she came back the other day saying she wants a bright blue in the hallway, to which I said, ‘anything but blue – it’s soooo cold!’. I even suggested pink would be better! Well, I should really keep my mouth shut.

We’ve looked through the Dulux and Crown hard finish paints and the colours are generally more muted and dull than other paint ranges. There are only a few which stand out, Red Mid and Shocking Pink (both Crown Ultimate) being 2 of them! The current favourite is Cheeky Wink (Easyclean). This sounds crazy but it might just work.

We also want to stamp a bit more of our creative spirits onto the house, now that we’ve gone a long way to getting the structural/building things done (insulated render, solar panels, bathroom moved upstairs, landing area plastered, living room insulated – storage areas made – doors blocked up – walls plastered – shelves put up – stove installed etc etc). We’ve painted the rooms but have only just put some pictures up in the living room and want to do more.

So, a couple of ideas to go with the vivid hallway area colour is to create some large scale art/mural type decoration, maybe in the form of a twisting tree which will start at the ground floor hallway and spread over the walls and up the stairs to the top landing area. The ‘tree’ could be made up of letters and words, maybe from songs or stories we like. Black and white letters would both contrast well and stand out against the pink background.

A black swirling pattern could also be added behind the main word tree. This would create a nice range of strong forms in complimentary and contrasting colours: black, white & pink.


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