Firewood action…!

Elcombe Firewood just delivered the first of 2 wood deliveries, each will be 3 M3, which in old money is roughly 1.5 tons. The problem with working in tons instead of a metric space measurement is that the weight is largely determined by the moisture content of the wood, rather than the actual wood itself, given that water is fairly heavy.

*above: all the free wood so far, cut, split and stacked.

So, we’re getting a total of 6 M3, which is roughly 3 tons. During the very cold spell in the winter this last year, we used more than 2 tons (4 M3), with another .05 tons (1 M3) either side, so this time, i’m getting in what should be the right amount, plus hopefully another 2 M3 made up of scavenged and free wood from various sources…

We’ve also been beavering away collecting loads of free wood from various places and creating spaces for all the new wood!

1) Alney Island tree area – contacts at work helped with collecting various felled trees which were being managed as part of the annual management of the area. Lots of ash branches.

2) My main contact has a tree surgeon friend who he does jobs for every now and again. He helped out with a boot full of various part-seasoned wood.

3) While we were at Crickley Hill, there were a series of trees being pruned and cut back. I asked the tree surgeon if I could have a boot of some of the smaller pieces and he agreed! A half boot full of good sized tree pieces.

4) A final load (which must be a total of 1 M3) from my ‘contact’s’ tree surgeon friend. This is made up of about 8 rounds of field maple, each about 40KG and 0.4 metres across!

So, maybe a total of 2 M3 of free wood and 6 M3 of bought hard wood.



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