Allotment lift off…!

We are finally the proud guardians/stewards of an allotment plot (well, half of one!).

Very excited about this as we were apparently 50th on the waiting list about 6 months ago and we now have one of the ones which we had put on our list. It’s a 10-15 minute walk from our house and it’s near to a water tap and is car accessible if necessary. Claire’s Dad will be happy – the allotment is the ‘Hawthorns’!

The first image is a cleared half plot of a friends who also have an allotment just further down from us. Something to aspire to!

We’re sharing with another family, also the same distance away and i’m hoping there will be loads of fun to be had over the rest of the spring and summer! I just had a first official look at it today but Claire went over to see it earlier in the week. It’s got a rickety looking corrugated iron shed and a cool looking wooden chill out chair as well, plus part of it is ready(ish) to use for this year.

There’s a lot of clearing and tidying up to do before most of it can be used but if we get a load of black plastic sheets down, it might be nearly there by next spring.

So, starting to think about all the cool stuff we can grow there and on the look out for some second hand tools (forks, spades, trowels etc).



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