Solar power legal action…

Great comment on an article on the Guardian Website:

Solar companies take legal action over UK feed-in tariff cuts!


19 April 2011 7:54PM

Oh dear, this article has only been out for a couple of hours and already the luddite ‘Trolls’ who think they are informed and ‘climate deniers’ have come out putting their ridiculous opinions forward

So, just for their information to start with, a paragraph taken from a leading renwable energy publication after Greg Barker had trotted off to Germany to ‘learn lessons’ from their Feed in Tariff legislation.

‘It is quite curious that [climate minister] Greg Barker was out in Germany last month partly so he could come back and say: ‘Look at what the Germans have just done in terms of scaling back their reliance on feed-in tariffs.’ But what he failed to mention was that on the Tuesday at 12 o’clock while he was there, the solar sector in Germany generated more energy than the nuclear sector for the first time in its history. The lesson I got from that was there is an industry that has scaled back the feed-in tariff time when they have got up to a 12.1GW of solar capacity.

Then, I shall also repeat a previous blog for the Trolls benifit, concerning the moronic fiasco that Huhne and Barker have created by their personal malicious destruction of the UK Feed in Tariff legislation that now means the UK hasn’t got the slightest chance of achieving the 2020 EU carbon reduction directive that will result in massive financial penalties the will make the costs of any Feed in Tariff incentives look like peanuts.

Under 18 years of progressive and refined Feed in Tariff legislation in Germany the Target that Germany has for PV installation by 2020 from the 18GW today, YES 18 GIGAWATTS, is according to the BSW roadmap (Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft ; Association of Solar Industry ) is 52GW. Yes , I repeat, FIFTY TWO GIGAWATTS.

I think that is actually quite impressive, and of the UK? Well, I’m sure ‘Greg Barker; The Butcher of Feed In Tariffs’ can help on this target. As for land based Solar Parks, there are about 1000+ in Germany AT THE MOMENT. In the UK? At the moment? NIL, and by 2020? NIL

I actually bothered to have a look at Europe’s renewable energy installation programme 5 years ago and it was depressing to really suddenly understand how far behind Europe Britain is in renewable investment. If anyone is really that interested then go to Intersolar Munich June 8/10, the world’s largest renewable energy exhibition and be shocked.

We could have caught up and the legislation had been put in place with the 2008 Energy Act. It was looking good, however what had not been allowed for is prats like Huhne and Barker getting into power. If the UK does not get some intelligent life into Government very quickly the country really is finished.



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