1st H.A.M. complete…!

So, we had our first Hawthorn Allotment Meeting (HAM) yesterday, combined with a very nice BBQ.

The half plot at the allotment is apparently 110 m2 and we’ve already talked about the types of plants we’re going to grow (basically anything!) and how we’re going to do it. So the two families will basically chip in whenever time allows and we’re also keen on using raised beds for at least part of the area.

I found a pretty good website about this the other day called ‘5 A Day Garden’, which talks about being able to grow all of your 5 a day fruits and veggies from roughly 10 m2, by using raised beds. The loose filled soil in the bed allows the roots of the pants to grow far more effectively (as compared with the harder and more compacted sub-soil), meaning more plants can be grown closer together, therefore making better use of a smaller space – it suggests 400% more productivity.

Another good idea was to use tyres as raised planters. SKP has access to some through his work, so this could create a more interesting look! Will have to check if we can take tyres onto the allotment though.

So, we’re not going to get too worked up about being there too often and just do what we can. We’re going to try and get some plants in for this growing season and just get most of it ready for winter growing and next season.

Just need the keys to the allotment now!



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