Night weaning & no night-nappie…

We’ve got two landmark events in the lives of our amazing boys going on right now.

The first is the continuing process of night weaning Jac and now the final push at getting Jamie out of night-nappies and keeping his bed and pants dry at night. Jac has done really well so far and it seems that our approach of sharing the responsibility is paying off. Claire and I are taking it in turns to sleep next to his bed on a roll out camping mat and to settle him in the night if he needs us. I was on duty last night and it went roughly the same as the previous few nights, in that he woke up maybe 4-5 times and I got into his bed to settle him a couple of times. He settles really quickly every time though, within maybe 30 seconds.

The first night I was in there was last week and it went really well. He didn’t wake up till 5 a.m, had some bread as he was hungry then went back to sleep. That night was the first full nights sleep which Claire has had in the last 4.5 years! It felt amazing that I had managed to give that to her and that I can finally help out in the process more.

We’re also just starting to not use a night nappie with Jamie. We’ve tried this before but he’s older now and has just said to us he wants to just wear pants at night, so we’re going with it. It’s been 2 nights so far, but it’ll take maybe a week or more to get a dry night. Boys apparently take longer to develop the capacity to stay dry. Wetting the bed can be due to sleeping deeply, consuming too much fluid before bed etc, but the main cause is the hormone cycle that reduces the bodies urine production at night.

This involves the body releasing an antidiuretic hormone at roughly sunset, which reduces the kidney’s urine output well into the night. This hormone cycle is developed between the ages of 2 and the end of puberty.

So, there’s a few things to try, such as taking him to the toilet before he goes to bed, then also during the night, making sure he drinks less fluid in the evenings and just giving him loads of love and support.



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