Allotment clearing and planning…

So far  both families have chipped in a fair bit to the allotment and have got loads done is a small amount of time.

We’re focussing on raised beds for at least part of the area as this forms an interesting division of space and means we can plant closer together and increase productivity. The kids can also have their own raised beds if there are enough of them, but the downside is the huge amount of soil needed to fill them and the cost of the raised beds themselves (so far they’ve been given as a present! – thanks Dad).

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Lots of clearing has already been done, both around the new compost bin area and around the shed. There was lots of evidence of drug taking behind the shed (but no needles), but the whole area has now been cleared out and I also had a go at cutting back the tree which was overhanging the plot and shed.

I had a bit of a ‘discussion’ with the ‘neighbour’ whose garden backs onto the allotment area, while I was stood on the shed roof. This woman came out and started having a go at me saying it was illegal to cut people’s trees if they aren’t overhanging on your own property. Well, the allotment is ours for the term of the lease and it is well within my rights to cut branches over hanging my plot – having sat next to a very well informed person at work I know this inside and out! I told her exactly who to contact about it at the Council and what they would say! Still surprised at how aggressive people can be.

So, once CKP’s Dad had cleared the space, I constructed a compost out of palettes on 3 sides with an open front. Once it fills up, the front wil be fitted with a palette door and the other side will also be made, so we can turn the one sides contents into the other to get access to the good compost at the bottom of the pile. There’s also space for a table and chairs between the shed and compost area.

The other  part of the space is the shed, which seems very strong but looks like a mess! My design training is pushing me to regenerate it and re-clad it. The mono-pitch roof will also be useful to catch water for the butt and it can also be secured so we can store random tools and pots etc. Getting the door locked is essential, as is clearing the insides out. I also want to install some windows on the SE and South-facing sides to let loads of light in. There could also be an open pergola theme for it but we’ll contemplate this for a bit and concentrate on getting things growing!



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