Allotment raised beds…

Spent about 45 minutes up at the allotment and managed to get a fair bit done in the time.

The freight boxes which we’d driven up and dumped there the week before were cut up into single panel height raised beds and two of the square ones were placed onto the site and dug over. It’s starting to look how I think we’re intending it to look and the final layout will not just look good buit should function well.

There are now 6 raised beds in place, 3 of which have been planted up. There are also two tyres there which define the edge by the shed. There will probably be enough width for another two raised beds in front of the shed. If we’re doing a total of 2 or 3 rows, this could be another 6 beds. This could mean 17 raised beds in all. This could be 10 beds for all the individual families members with 7 left over.

I also took down measurements for the plot, including the various features, such as compost and shed. This will be put into SketchUp, which is a great 3D package, which will give us an easily altered and updated plan, which we can use for planting ideas and crop rotations. I find it’s easy doing this than drawing it out and it can then be sent to everyone and altered.



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