A good walk spoiled…

I took a half day yesterday and drove up to Swindon to see a friend and ex-colleague from private practice (Mr. PG). We went over to the Swindon Borough Council golf course, which has great facilities, including driving range (with upper level), good practice green, pitching area with bunker and both an 18 hole course and 9-hole.

After 100 balls on the range we had a 10 minute putt practice, then had to leggit to the 1st tee. At this point it was raining and looking slightly grim, but warm enough with low wind. We were hopeful it would clear up, which it did after 45 mins or so. I hadn’t played in a couple of years so wasn’t expecting much – 6 over after the first 2 holes!

I finished with 3 pars in 9 holes, which considering the fact i’ve played about 4 times in 5 years, was pretty good. The best part was the putting, with only 2 and single putts on each hole, which for me was amazing. Also I didn’t have a sand wedge or pitching wedge, so the 9 iron was being used in place of both!

Both of us finished on the par 3, 9th near the green from the tee. We both managed to mess up our chips, with my choice of using a 9 iron to push the ball towards the flag not working! I had 30 yards to the hole but managed to only push it 10 yards! That is the worst feeling in golf, when you’ve got a real chance for a decent score and produce a weak shot.

So, 15 Yards to go, putter in hand, a fairly firm shot to the top side of the hole and it curled in for par! PG also got his in from the same distance but his was slightly downhill. Both finishing on a par on the final hole was great.

Good half day there and much needed break.



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