Allotment progress…

Twice at the allotment in the space of 2 days!

I went over there for an hour yesterday and managed to water the various plants that we’d already planted (which miraculously hadn’t died), laid out the last two raised beds ready for digging over, pulled back the black sheet from the side path edge and started cutting the edge of the path along the top. I also gave the large raised bed a good digging over and got all the weeds out.

Today we all went over there as the day was dragging slightly and it was really good. The boys were helping with some digging and were being very grown up and getting water from the trough to water in the new plants.

We put in rainbow chard, peas, mustard greens and courgette. Claire also put in some canes and branches for the peas to grow up. I started to dig over the end raised bed but the ground was so hard. It’s going to need some serious digging or rotavating in the autumn!

Anyway, it’s starting to look like we’re making some progress and 4 of the beds are now planted!


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