Film: ‘Simply Raw – Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days’…

What an amazing documentary. This is the third film we’ve watched in the last week and they’ve all been incredible. They have had so much power as they are about real issues, real people and real stories.

Simply Raw: reversing Diabetes in 30 Days.

It’s certainly one of the best films i’ve seen and it encapsulates issues such as health care, disease, healthy living, nutrition and personal achievement. It just shows what you can do if you really want to, even against the ‘advice’ of the experts. Some parts of medicine are vital and worthy, but others limit personal health and trap people in a cycle of drug dependence and huge cost. They make the point in the film that medication shouldn’t be the first step to prevent or treat an illness – it should be the last. There are many things to try before resorting to drugs.

Watching the people shooting insulin into themselves was pretty grim and they all said they hated it. One of the guys found out after the 30 days that he had actually had type 1 diabetes, which should have meant his pancreas could not produce insulin, but after the 30 days, he wasn’t taking insulin and his pancreas was working normally!

The impact which a purely raw and vegan diet has on these people is staggering. Those involved were from a range of backgrounds and from a range of age groups, with both male and females. The joy, inspiration and hope in the participants was amazing.



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