A new language adventure…?

I’ve decided to learn a new foreign language!

This is the one thing i’ve always felt I couldn’t get to grips with and just didn’t seem to understand at school. I seem to have been able to learn various words and some sentences but there was a point where it just didn’t go in. The whole idea is far less intimidating now and i’ve developed much more focus and motivation over the years. They say a persons capacity for learning new things diminishes over the years but I really feel that mine has been increasing since I was 18. It’s a real motivator to challenge myself with the one thing that still stands out as unfinished business (wow, how dramatic!!). It seems the desire to learn is a strong factor in the process.

I walk to work, which is about a mile away from where I live. The walking one-way takes about 20-25 minutes depending which way I go, which is roughly 45 minutes journey each day, meaning 3 hours 45 minutes of potential language action every week! It’s probably more realistic to say about 3 hours, which is 3 hours more than i’m doing at the moment, or have done for the last 16 years!

So, which language? Which language product? Bloody hell.

French was always the problem language at school but i’m not going to do this just as a challenge! German was far easier for me at school and seemed to make a lot more sense, but I don’t find it as pleasant to speak or listen to, compared with French, Italian or Spanish, but it is easier to learn. It comes down to these ones, because of their appealing style/tones, the proximity of the countries to the UK and the overall understanding of the languages in the global context. I’m not sure about the ease of learning though.

Spanish would be the logical choice in many ways, given Spain is fairly close to England and it’s world language dominance. France is closer and more accessible and sounds amazing. Italian is the most appealing in terms of style and tone, with the connections to architecture and art and a country I really look forward to visiting one day.

I’ll have to think about this. It’s such a privilege to have this opportunity to learn another language and it’s something I thought i’d never look forward to doing.

But, one thing I have decided on on is to join the 21st century, and buy and ipod nano, to play the language CD on!

I haven’t used an MP3 player for maybe 5 years so it’s also an opportunity to get back into music a bit. I’ve found the cheapest ipod nano on the net and it looks impressive. We already own an imac as our main computer at home so connecting it all up via itunes seems sensible. I am being put off slightly by the cost but i’m getting a tax rebate to the tune of £240, so this will cover things.



2 thoughts on “A new language adventure…?

  1. Hi Matt, what I fab idea, I’d go for Spanish or French being the 2 most popular languages. And learning whilst on the move, good shout.

    • Yeah, it’s an ideal window of opportunity and hopefully it’ll seep into the brain while i’m zoning out and walking! Time to jump on the ipod bus!

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