Feather then quill…

I found an amazing feather by the bandstand in the park and brought it home to show Claire. I then thought why not do something with it, rather than just chasing the cat around the house and tickling Jamie!

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So, I cut the end to a point and turned it into a nice quill. Jamie had a go at writing with it using some black poster paint stuff, but it was a bit watery. I then used the proper writing ink which worked much better.

I also made a lego ‘days’ sign and printed off the days of the week for the boys to look at. I’ve been trying to draw attention to the days for Jamie and generally talk about it whenever I remember! So far we’ve talked about the structure of the words (they all end in ‘day’) and the number (there are 7) and when the week starts (Sunday or Monday depending who you are) and when Mummy and Daddy are at work.



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