New blog theme…?

I think I might have found a better layout/theme for the blog…

I’m slightly reluctant to switch it over because it actually took ages to cutomise my existing blog, given the fairly restricted options which existed a couple of years ago. The theme i’m using (Tarski) was also pretty much the simplest theme on offer, which meant a minimal background, which helps to highlight the content. The major problem though with WordPress is the restricted layout options (certainly compared to Blogger) and with Tarski it’s the fixed and narrow column width.

So, there might be a new and (hopefully, possibly) improved theme emerging soon!



4 thoughts on “New blog theme…?

  1. I have to say that I have had some fun in designing my own blog themes since I went to a hosted blog, rather than just the free wordpress ones. Do you pay wordpress to allow your own customisation? If so, then it might be worth you looking at similar. (I host with SoftData, a local company)

    Because of this, I also have a WordPress Theme design tool (Artiseer) which I have bought the full version, and if you wanted to use it to design your own stuff, without the coding hassle, then you would be more than welcome 🙂

    • The one i’m looking at switching too is way more customisable but still seems fairly basic. It seems to have the range of the paid for versions, but each time you alter something there’s no charge (within the limits set for that theme).

      It’s generally time for a change anyway but I might have to look into that hosting idea and the Artiseer thing, which sounds cool!

      • More than happy to show you what I have done, and of you go down the hosted route, then you can use my Artiseer (saves you forking out for it when I already have done).

        One of the reasons I went with Softdata as a host is that with it you get the wordpress software in with the package. Have a look here :
        I beleive that this month you can sign up for a free trial month to see if you like it! I can ask Eddie (the boss) if you like! Another good thing is that its gloucester Based, so supporting local business and all that.

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