USDA food plate…

The Obama Administration and the US Department of Agriculture, have produced a new, all singing, all dancing representation of what people should be eating, and in what proportions.

You could say it’s an overly simplistic representation of what is a very important subject, but it seems very effective, and to be honest, people are in desperate need of the message about nutrition being effectively communicated.

One important area of the graphic is the term ‘protein’, rather than ‘meat’. This is a big step forward and may help to get people to look at nutrition in a different way, without automatically associating protein with meat.

The proportion of food groups is also important, with fruit and vegetables forming 50% of the plate. Grains are another 55%, meaning protein isn’t that dominant. Studies have shown that even a level of 20% protein in the diet, particularly animal-based, has a direct connection with the development of many types of cancer.

The food subsidy issue is also important to consider, with a massive 63% of US food subsidies going to the meat and dairy industry. Fruit and veg get 3%, but are meant to make up 50% of the total plate – does this seem fair?



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