Love Film…

We’ve recently joined Love Film, on their trial monthly thing and have already got sent a number of films. There’s a long list of titles which you can work through and select, then they send you random ones from the list as DVDs in the post. There’s no time limit but they will only send you another once the previous one has been returned.

So far we’ve received Shrek 3, Wall-E and Up, all of which are amazing films. I’m impressed with Pixar, for having the courage to create Wall-E and Up, two films which would probably sound difficult to make, or have less than a mass appeal. In particular, Wall-E has  avery limited script in parts, with virtually no dialogue for 30 minutes.

So, what I was trying to get around to posting was a comment about watching 15 different parts of the same film over a 4 week period, without sometimes joining up the various parts! This seems to be what happens if the boys watch a film, and when i’m at home! I’ll put a film on for them then go off and tidy, do the washing etc, come back 10 minutes later and see the next part, then go off again.

The interesting aspect is seeing a part which I had previously missed, which then joins up parts of the story I had managed to see. Suddenly just standing there when you’re meant to be clearing the table for dinner!



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