Allotment progress…

There’s been some progress at the allotment. I went up there for about an hour and watered all the plants and dug another two raised beds out.

The KP’s – our collaborators in this effort also got rid of the dirt mound in front of the compost area and also dug another raised bed!

I’ve also started the allotment model, which we can use for planting plans. It only took 10 minutes to do but also gives a good idea of the space we’ve got to work with. The open area which won’t have the raised beds will be roughly 50% of the plot, which is roughly 55 M2 of space.

I’ll have to cut out the base of the last rectangular raised bed before that can be placed. Given there is no power and my jigsaw is broken, i’ll need to drill out some large corner holes then saw along each edge.



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