Growing Jamie…

Jamie has been changing so much over the last 6 months.

He’s more self assured and sociable and has been going to play group and sitting and eating food and even joining in with the activities! This is something he basically stopped doing after the very average experience at playgroup at the local school. He wasn’t joining in with the group activities or playing that much with the younger kids.

I’ve started to take him and Jac to an active tots group at a different local school every Monday, and both he and Jac seem to really like it. It gives them a chance to mix with other kids and be involved in some more formal activities and settings. Jamie is doing really well at this and today was another good session. I had to take Jac off to use the toilet, while we were all outside with lots of balls in the playground. When I got back, they had got the parachute out and Jamie was standing holding one of the little handles on the side of the parachute and laughing and joining in! It’s great to see.

Jamie’s got a lot better at talking to unknown adults and children, for example at the new group, and always likes asking the teacher things and telling her about what he’s been up to.

He’s even getting on with Jac better. There’s still the usual scuffles and arguments over sharing toys, but now Jac can join in more and talk to Jamie, things seem to be going better. They can now interact, rather than Jac just appearing like a baby who gets in the way of Jamie’s games.

He’s more creative and has been making amazing lego models more and more. He’s been using the influences and experiences around him in his games, in a more obvious way, whereas before he was far more random in his games and imagination & creativity.

* Also forgot to say in the original post about Jamie speaking on the phone more and more. Just tonight he was on the phone to Old Nanny and Granddad (his Great Grandparents) and Claire said he was chattering away about various things. He also talked to me at work today about setting up his market stall – cute.



2 thoughts on “Growing Jamie…

  1. I’ve noticed a massive change in Jamie over the last couple of months. He’s really coming into himself, isn’t he? Lovely to see x

    • It’s all happening so fast. Jac is also changing and recognising what you’re saying, as opposed to staring blankly. Anyway, better go and do some ‘educating’!

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