Films: ‘Harry Potter 5, 6 & 7’…

In preparation for the final installment in the Harry Potter series, we’ve been catching up on the films leading up to the final. I’d already seen No.5 (Order of the Phoenix, 2007) at the cinema but it was good to catch up again.

So, next was Half Blood Prince (2009), then the first part of the Deathly Hallows (2010). This was the best film so far in the series and I thought it’s style was the most mature, both from an acting viewpoint and style of cinematography. Emma Watson (playing Hermione Granger) had almost totally dropped her over-acting style from the previous films and Rupert Grint (playing Ron Weasley), had matured into his character.

We’re going to have to try and organise a trip to the cinema to see the final part of the series, now that we’re fully pottered up.



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