Film – ‘Food, inc.’

Another good film we’ve recently watched from Love Film was Food, inc. It’s basically a documentary about America’s food industry and more widely about food production in relation to large corporations.

There are a number of interesting themes in this and it is amazing how some of the types of food are produced. The methods of production, the business behind the production and the control of the world food supply are all hugely important ideas which most people just don’t consider.

One of the first concepts is the idea that the range of modern foods is somehow linked to what many people would recognise as a traditional ‘farm’. The documentary looks at the packaging associated, in particular, with meats, showing barns, grass, fields, sunshine etc. Then they show what really happens! Most animals never see a field. It’s mostly factory techniques applied to farming to produce the cheapest food, in the quickest time.

You might already have some idea about the way modern food is produced, but it’s worth seeing this film as an inspiration to change the way you perceive food and to maybe change what types of food are eaten.


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