Learning Italian…

A couple of weeks ago, I finally started to learn Italian! I had received the Michael Thomas Italian audio book package in the post and had loaded the CDs into itunes, then onto my new ipod.

It’s a very odd feeling doing this as it’s been so long since I last tried to learn a language at school. There seems to be two distinct ways to alter verbs. There is a group for he, she, it, you etc and another for ‘I’. So far, this is the case but i’m only just starting the second CD (of 8)!

There are also quite a few similar words to English and French and knowing English and some French is helping. A bit of German has also come into it, but the structures are different.

He’s concentrating on verbs and how different sentence types change the pronunciation of them, including merging two words together. This is the backbone of the language and it is important to get this right.

The course is set out with two other students on the CD learning the Italian with Michael Thomas, as the tutor. The other students are learning it for the first time and Michael Thomas guides them step by step through the various parts. The key idea is that you also learn along with the other students, by using the pause button before answering, out loud. The idea is to think through the answer before responding, as the other students do on the CD.

At the moment i’m walking to work listening to the ipod but not using the pause button to think through the answer before moving on. Once i’ve listened to the course and got a feel for the language, i’ll go back through properly. I’m already picking up some words and maybe more importantly, how the language sounds and functions.

I’ll see how it all goes and hopefully keep practising.



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