The Technics arrive…!

So, i’ve waited 13 years for this day…

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Maybe the best vinyl turntables ever made. The industry standard for the last 20 years: Technics SL1210 MK2.

Claire told me they had arrived around lunchtime, while I was at work – I was seriously tempted to just do a half day. I got a bit worried when she said the delivery guy had rolled them into the hallway, but then she said ‘gently’!

I’ve had a quick look inside and read through the instructions, but i’m waiting till the table for them is delivered and we’ve finished the skirting behind the table before it’s setup. It’ll be a good incentive to get the living room decorating done.

I’m also going to build an MDF case for the whole table, which can slide over the whole lot, to protect the equipment and provide a surface for a nature display. This will also cut down on the visual clutter.



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