Bouldering 4 – SKP makes it look easy…!

Another good session of bouldering and SKP & me tried the vertical finger board fixture! Bloody hell that is hard. It’s an amazing feeling standing in front of it when you’re just about to try and lift yourself up it, one rung at a time.

The first try on this was impossible and I couldn’t even move up one rung. The next go was better and at the last attempt I got up to 1 hand on the top thick rung, having started from halfway up, from standing. Next time, i’m trying the same set of thicker rungs but will aim to get to the top, then go down each rung.

A great finger board video sent from SKP which shows this very well + a great soundtrack!

SKP made it look easy and cleared the overhang route at the 1st go! I got across as well, but in a very inelegant way! The climbing shoes I now have are very kindly on long-term loan from SKPs father in law – big thanks to all involved for those! Almost a perfect fit, but the left big toe will need to stretch the side of the shoe very slightly.



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