Solar panels hit 1 Mega Watt…!

It’s official, even following some months of fairly dull weather (it looks like the real summer was in March and April), our electricity generation from the solar panels has hit 1,000 KWh!

This is the same as one Mega Watt (1MW) and is enough energy to continuously boil a 3,000W kettle for more than 333 hours*!

* 1 unit of energy (1KWh) = 20 mins of boiling time for a 3,000W kettle, multiplied by 1,000 units, divided by 60 to convert into hours.

It’s an incredible milestone but it’s also worth considering that the total produced by our 1.72KW system will produce enough to cover maybe 3/5 of our total electricty use. We still use more than we can generate and the peak times are the opposite of when the sun is shining – the major inherent problem with solar as a reliable energy source!

Even considering this, it is still a major dent in our consumption and we have been effectively providing clean, renewable energy back into the grid for a whole year, which all of our neighbours have been using.

The other major positive is the Feed In Tariff of 43.3 pence per unit will mean we recieve £520 (if the total for the year hits 1200 units, which is realistic). Plus 3 pence per unit for the Export Tariff will also add into the total.



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