Stirling Prize: Zaha Hadid – Evelyn Grace Academy…

And the Sirling Prize goes to…

Zaha Hadid for the Evelyn Grace Academy, Brixton. See also this Guardian article on the building for more detail.

It’s like a futuristic and brutal office building. Very joyless and high on formality. Or, it’s a very clean and tidy headquarters of a blue chip company. It reminds me of City Hall, on the South bank. It’s not the sort of place which seems to inspire creativity. Maybe an alternative McLaren racing factory?

The standard phrase that it ‘makes the students feel valued’ has been rolled out. Just because something is new and costs the earth does not mean it automatically leads to feelings of value. Some of the interior designs are just bland, monotonous, sterile and sapping – I can’t believe i’m saying this about a Stirling Prize winning building!

Robocop director Paul Verhoeven would recognise the style of design from his ground-breaking films, part Robocop metal and part OCP headquarters.

I was so under-whelmed by the shortlist this year. I can’t believe this has beaten the Olympic Velodrome, designed by Hopkins Architects.



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