What to do with tomatoes…?

A good recipe for tomato soup from the good people at BBC Good Food.

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One thing to look out for is to make sure the celery is really well cooked before adding the stock, as it is more stringy and tough than the onions etc. I also added a whole red pepper.

We’re in the middle of harvesting the huge san marsano tomatoes from the raised bed. So far we’ve got three large cooking bowls full and the soup used up maybe 2/3 of the first bowl. Just got the third bowl full and there are maybe another two bowls worth still on the vines! One good consequence of planting them a bit late!

5 plants (4 x San Marsano, 1 x Striped Tiger)  have produced 14.5 lbs = 6.5 KG so far. There’s at least another 6 lbs (2.75 KG) left to pick from the vines

I’ve used them for pasta sauce, tomato soup, oven baked tomatoes and tomato salad and so far they’ve produced very good results.

An allotment science experiment which i’ve been keeping in mind has produced very different results. I feel like Gregor Mendel in his pea garden, obviously without the ground-breaking experiments into genetics and reproduction – same approach just different scale of importance!

The tomatoes from the raised beds have given us fruit which is at least twice the size and weight (compared to the ones at the allotment), which started from the same seeds, grown in the same pots for the first 3 weeks. I’ve got a comparison between two varieties, one being the Striped Tiger, the other the San Marsano.

The two on the left are San Marsano and the two on the right are Striped Tiger.

I’ve done the same with potatoes grown in grow bags at my house and straight into the ground at the allotment, and we’ll see what that gives us. So far, the ones in the grow bag only gave as much as we put in (the seed ones being old ones from a Riverford veg box which had already started growing out of the bag).



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