Bouldering & climbing grades…

I’ve been vaguely thinking about what on earth the whole bouldering and climbing rating system means for a while now. The time before last at the climbing centre, I had the first go at proper indoor climbing (with ropes) for the last 15 years and enjoyed it.

But, making any sense out of the various numbers shown on the cards for each route or climb was not easy. So, i’ve looked through various sites and i’m now even more confused than before!

The one ray of light in my dark corner of existence is this website, which takes a rather more humerous approach to the subject!

Seeing as i’ve only done half of a grade 6 climb so far (plus a few grade 5 ones), i’ll just have to do more then be able to compare the various different types and difficulties.

As a guide, 4 = easy, 6+ = not so easy. It works for me. I’m not even contemplating the scary yellow section of the image! That is probably reserved for people who put videos of their exploits on You Tube! *i’m just jealous!*



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