Climbing with the big boys…!

Another step forwards with the climbing… JMK, SKP and I met up for climbing and bouldering (image is JMK at the top of the main climbing area wall – first ever climb!)

We had a couple of climbs then went up to the bouldering area. It feels like a good progression to the main climbing area and more confidence. It’s amazing seeing the people in there and their techniques. The main walls are 13 metres high and the balcony walls are 8 metres high.

The last time I climbed I tried a grade 6, only using blue holds. These were well spaced and rounded, so it was difficult to get a solid grip. This time I tried another 6a on the far wall, with black grips. these were placed in two columns, about 1 metre apart. The holds were better to grip but smaller than the blues, with a lot more traversing across between the two columns. I got a bit stuck near the top but then managed to find a way out!

Some good bouldering from everyone and it’s feeling more comfortable each time, with less hand damage as well!



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