Pylon competition winner…

The winner: ‘T-Pylon’ by Danish company Bystrup Architecture, Design & Engineering.

This does seem like the best compromise between form and function and will be a significant improvement on the existing style. It will also be shorter and lighter, using less materials in construction.



2 thoughts on “Pylon competition winner…

  1. Whilst your right, this is the best blend between the technical and aesthetic, I did really like the design that looked like a sail!

    However, more fundementally, I think there has to be better ways of transporting energy, the only reason we have pylons is because it is the cheapest solution, (putting it underground increases the price by a factor of 10). I can’t believe that there is not a technology out there that can make this easier!

    • Yes, it does seem rather ‘industrial revolution’ to erect 88,000 pylons just to transport electricity around! I did like the sail option and from what i’ve read about this, National Grid are also retaining that option as a secondary approach in certain areas, as they are with the ‘Totem’ design.

      One important way of reducing this impact could be to start to decentralise power production, meaning many more local centre of electricity production, meaning less major infrastructure needed. This would not deal with the whole issue but would help. Another approach is to get all houses fitted with solar hot water and PV panels, which would reduce demand on gas and electricity supplies. probably it will be a combination of lots of things but it certainly won’t be a smooth road!

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