Allotment digging…

Another 2 hours spent up at the allotment carrying on with the digging and clearing of weeds. So, Claire and I have dug and cleared 2 lots of 5 M2, which is roughly 2 metre by 2.5 metre sections. This is about 14% now of the useable area, so fairly quick progress.

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I also went to collect some manure from the Equestrian Centre, which you can see in the picture, piled on the first section which was dug over – ready to spread once a bit more has been done!

The digging got harder and harder towards the shed with huge lumps of clay which i’ve tried to break down into smaller lumps – you can see these in he bottom right corner of the picture. This part has probably not been cultivated before, or not for a few years anyway, but once it’s been used and dug over a few times it’ll break down.

It’s a very satisfying experience and a good connection with the earth and a chance just to zone out a bit and enjoy being outside in the autumn sunshine. I’m looking forward to at least half a day there on Friday and the use of dad’s car to transport compost from my house and manure from the equestrian centre!



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