Allotment (significant) progress…!

So, 2 weeks ago, our plot looked like it had been abandoned the year before. Now it’s starting to look like it could be the source of a good proportion of our vegetables every year.

I’ve been over there three times in the past week and a bit and it feels amazing. The combination of physical work and the connection to the earth is brilliant (I think I already said this in the previous post but it’s such a strong feeling)!

Roughly 10 hours of work there has started to psychologically shift the process and we’re now very positive about it and really feel a lot of optimism. My Dad came up on Friday (which I booked off work) and we focussed on the plot for a good 5 hours. This involved the following…

– A car load of 10 plastic tubs full of amazing compost (which we had been creating in our two compost bins in the garden) were first emptied into the tubs then loaded into the car. We also loaded two, triple stacked, raised bed frames into the car and the wheelbarrow.

– All this was unloaded at the allotment and half the compost dumped onto the plot.

– Back to mine for a quick lunch.

– Loaded the rest of the compost from the garden into 3 more tubs, and into the car, including bags and spare tubs for next manure collecting journey.

– Unloaded compost at allotment then drove over to the equestrian centre to pickup as much manure as we could load into the car! Also picked a bag of apples from a tree on the entrance lane. 10 tubs full of manure, 4 Ikea bags, a huge white builders bag and a large green bag! Enough for half the plot.

– Back to the allotment to dump all this and to dig this in as much as possible. We met Claire and the boys and we all had a great time roaming around and digging, watering things, playing in the car etc. A really nice, clear and sunny day. More of the plot was also dug by Claire.

– We pulled back the black plastic sheet from the main other half of the plot and folded it up. This needs to be done to allow rain to get into the soil and to loosen it all up, as it was very hard. Cleared the branches and random wood into tubs.

So, lots of progress and the aim now is to get the rest of the plot cleared and dug over within 3 weeks, before Dad comes up again for a final double manure run, which will provide enough to improve the whole area.



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