Liverpool’s defence – Agger & Skrtel…

A very interesting stat from the Chalkboards…

Agger adds sophistication to Liverpool backline

Guardian Chalkboards

Liverpool have a good defensive record in the Premier League this season – they’ve allowed the opposition only 3.5 shots on target per game, fewer than any other side. The return of Daniel Agger, after a month out, further strengthened the backline.

He contributed to a clean sheet, but his most obvious impact was in the quality of his passing out from the back. Martin Skrtel and Jamie Carragher are both capable on the ball but unlikely to fire incisive balls into Liverpool’s creative players. Agger helps Liverpool move the ball more quickly.

The passing chalkboards of Skrtel and Agger at the weekend were particularly interesting – Skrtel either plays the ball across to Agger or launches it towards Andy Carroll in the air, whilst Agger can play more sophisticated balls into the feet of either Luis Suarez in central positions, or out to Stewart Downing on the left.’

It’s strange that Man United have the highest shots on their goal of any team but are 2nd in the league, while Liverpool have the fewest but are 6th. This shows the midfield and defence is doing their defensive job and limiting shots but at the same time we’re not converting enough chances into goals to accumulate more points.

A good thing to limit shots on our goal though and with time, the combinations will improve between our half a team of new players. Plus, if Suarez actually scored even 1/3 of his chances, we would be 2nd, not United!

YNWA. out


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