Jamie maths and English…

Jamie has been making gradual but very noticeable progress in his use of maths and English (if you want to categorise these things??). Two things which have really stood out are his attempts to try out adding up, and his exploration of sounds within words.

He’s been coming up with things like 3 and 2 makes 5! Tonight he said to me 2 threes is 6 and 3 threes is 9! This is without any formal or conscious teaching on our part and must be just being absorbed. The whole times tables thing is a classic school thing but he seems to be doing on his own! Bloody hell.

He’s also been experimenting with big numbers, coming up with something like ‘1 million 43 thousand and 6 things!’ Or, 1 million to 43 hundred and 5!

The other thing is using sounds and whole word recognition, but things like ‘I’ is in ‘Ice’! He’s also recognising words, so this seems like a good duel approach, which will cover both the visual aspect and audio aspect, as different people respond to different things and at different times.



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