Thinking, Fast and Slow – social thought…

One of the great things about being at home with the boys is that you can snatch 15 minutes here and there to read an article or update the blog! They’re watching ‘Mike The Knight’ right now and it’s just long enough (12 mins) to post this!

A very interesting and possibly useful article by Daniel Kahneman, writing in the Guardian, based on his brand new book ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’.

This is one i’m adding to my Christmas list on Amazon!

Part of the theme of the book is ‘…challenging the rational model of judgment and decision making’. This is certainly something I have to be aware of in my job – if the ideas and proposals i’m putting forward don’t work, or worse, result in a negative result, this will have a profound and lasting impact on people’s lives.

I have thought about this issue before and this book seems to be just what is needed to challenge my own assumptions.



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